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Papa Curtis
Intuitive Reader and Rootworker

Curtis possesses a deep natural connection to earth energies. 
Curtis is also trained in the arts of Rootwork, Southern Style Hoodoo, & Dowsing. He is a specialist in both the physical and metaphysical aspects of gems and minerals as well. Papa Curtis uses this training in combination with his natural talents to perform spell and prayer work, most frequently addressing requests for Clearing, Prosperity, Love Drawing, and House Selling.  Curtis is a special practitioner because he employs such unique and ancient divination tools.  These include Geomancy (sand divination), Gypsy Kosh't (stick) divination and Dice divination, gemstone consultations, pendulums, animal cards, and Psychometry. Curtis is clairsentient and clairaudient.

Monday - Friday 12pm-5pm (or by special appointment)

Reading Choices:
15 minutes     $30     Enough time for 1 or 2 rapid-fire questions and answers.     
30 minutes     $60    Time enough to resolve a couple of issues.
45 minutes     $95    Just enough time for a life reading.
1 hour           $120     Time enough for a life reading and a few minutes at the end to revisit
                               the most important information.

Contact me at:, or 1-828-545-0539 and leave a message. I look forward to helping you!